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Kinkole rescue

Child in danger

During their journey through Kinshasa, the Les Bon Berger orphanage was able to save the life of an innocent baby. They were traveling along a bridge in Kinkole when they were suddenly stopped by the baby's pleading for help. The orphanage sent a bunch of guys out into the grassy field to look for the baby's cry. They looked and searched till they found the infant in the grass beside Kinkole's bridge. They discovered a one-week-old newborn girl who was still alive and breathing. According to the orphanage, the baby's parent/parents abandoned her. 

According to the orphanage, it has become common for women in the DRC to throw away their children rather than getting abortions. The orphanage states that they are in severe need of supplies to care for the child and the many other youngsters in their care.

Dumpster rescue

Child in a trashcan

Members of the Le Bon Berger orphanage discovered a baby in a dumpster outside Kinshasa's streets; the baby was roughly three weeks old and coated in toilet paper and trash. At that time, the orphanage's staff began to remove the child from the toilet paper and waste. The baby eventually went to the orphanage, where he was cleansed and taken to the doctors for treatment and examination. The orphanage has been assisting many of the youngsters they have found with medical aid and other essentials; they are in desperate need of assistance and support.

Children praying

One dollar can impact.

In the midst of so many children, the orphanage Les Bon Berger has assisted in providing a home and shelter for its orphans who require surgery for a medical condition. One example is a baby girl who was born a few weeks ago with a polycephaly issue in her spine. The orphanage is in need of assistance to support the baby's upcoming operation, which is affecting the baby's sleep and physical wellbeing.  This is only one of many examples of the orphanage's need for financial assistance, as well as support and love.

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Child sleeping

The tragedy

24/7 Support

These are just a few examples of what goes on in the lives of the children at the orphanage Les Bon Berger; some children are found in the streets for a variety of reasons, including being victims of wars such as the ongoing conflict in the east of DR Congo and Rwanda, which has caused many children to flee to the southwest side of the DRC in search of safety. *() Many, like the instances given, are victims of an epidemic trend in Kinshasa of throwing away babies rather than having abortions. Some are suspected of witchcraft, while others have died as a result of a variety of circumstances. These are just a few of the challenges that the children confront; there are many more. 

The orphanage is seeking love and support, both emotionally and financially, from not only the people of the Congo, but also from everyone who is ready to help.
See how you can help in the manue, or go to the gofundme link on the main page to make a sincere donation to the Les Bon Berger orphanage. Thank you so much for bringing these awful stories to light.

Helping others is a way to help ourselves. 

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